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Here it be, the Revelstoke GNAR RULES List. In terms of line points, I'm sorry, I didn't get into it. Rather than having a points system decide how rad you're getting, let your friends and yourself be the judges. Get out there are rip the shit outta this mountain! But always remember, if you're getting rad and there's no one there to see it...are you really getting rad?

1. Ego Claim: After skiing a line, go up to a group of strangers and loudly proclaim “I’m the best skier on the mountain!”
2. Fart Bag: Spot or sport a one-piece snowsuit. Bonus for retro-ness.
3. Fart Claim: In Revelation Gondola, join a group of strangers in a cabin and produce a smelly fart and claim it.
4. Old School: Ski any run using 200+cm skis, or an old school snowboard.
5. Pole Whacker: Whack your pole above your run for at least 30 seconds.
6. Buck Naked (BN): Complete any run completely naked.
7. Radness Yell: Prior to skiing your line, attract attention and yell something like, “Hey! Check me out! I’m gonna rip the shit outta this!”
8. Talk Smack: In a serious tone, look at a stranger close to you and yell, “I’m better than you!”, prior to dropping into or after you’ve stomped your run.
9. Revelation Line Breakfast: Prepare breakfast while in line-up for Revelation Gondola. Bonus for hooking up the lift operator with food.
10. Mad Hook Ups: Hook up in Gondola or at the Hammocks. Making out doesn’t count.
11. Call Ma: Call your Mom on your cell phone while dropping into your run.
12. Switcheroo: Ski/snowboard an entire run switch.
13. Showoff: Stomp tricks under any chairlift. “Triple corks are soooo last year. You want to do a sick daffy or a tweaked method grab instead. That’s what’s really in.”
14. Fruitbooter: Allow yourself to be seen in public riding snowblades.
15. Monoski: Ski a run on a monoski. Huge bonus if combined with showoff.
16. Pro Call Out: “Hey (name), I can’t believe you’re a pro, I’m totally better than you!”
17. Long Way Down: Race from top of Stoke to bottom of Gondola entirely on The Last Spike. Only the winner can claim it, while losers buy rounds at apres ski.
18. Hot Dog Squared: Perform a minimum of 5 old school tricks whilst eating a hot dog in one run.
19. Epic Attire: Wear an outfit that a minimum of 6 people laugh at you for wearing. Note: laughing can be silenced by #1 or #8, which could be followed by #17.
20. Mad Props: Find at least 5 different Ski Patrollers and give them props or a high five.

This list is certainly not limited to what's written down, so feel free to post on the facebook event page or here on the stoke list, or keep it secret! But use your head and respect the mountain that has given us so much stoke. Most of all, go back to the roots of why we all ski and snowboard...HAVE FUN!

Facebook Event Page:!/events/273536756040497/

If you still haven't seen G.N.A.R. the movie, go to the website and watch it now!!! You will not be sorry!!

See you at the hill this Saturday, March 10th!!!!

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