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At what point is RMR going to start taking some responsibility over the housing crisis it has caused and is continuing to cause.

Affordable housing here is getting tough and by offering to rent all the available homes for the coming winter it is taking away opportunities to anyone looking to get into the housing market here which is already almost impossible unless you're working a city job remotely (thanks pandemic for that one)

It's alright building a new hotel or 2, how about putting up some staff accommodation so it can reduce the load on the private market and maybe alleviate the price boom that's pushing average households here into more and more desperate situations.

Who's going to work in all your favourite stores and restaurants that we're so desperate to promote. There's more than just the lack of immigration causing the help wanted signs in every business' window.

If there's nowhere to live nobody is coming to work the low earning tourism jobs we currently need so desperately.

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Thu, 29 Jul 2021 17:16:09 GMT