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New proposal for the 2021 season (April 15 to September 15).

The idea is to get you on the trail what ever happens to your bike. And not only on the trail but riding with your best bike ! No more sloppy brakes, bad shifting, rattling noises or seized bearings. I’ll be here to maintain your bike when ever its needed, no appointment, no waiting time : only a personal mechanic !

Around April 1st, your bike gets in for some serious work. You will start the season with a bike at its very best preventing any big problem later on.

- Complete strip down of the bike. Headset bearings, free hub assembly, bottom bracket bearings, rear mech jockey wheels and cage spring, etc are taken apart, cleaned, lubed and reassembled.
- Drivetrain deep cleaning.
- Replacement of all cables and housings.
- Replenishment of the old brake fluid for new and removal of any air in the system. This also includes a rotor and pads clean.
- Fork’s lower leg and air spring cleaned, lube and reassembled. If the seals need to be replaced, you will be advised.
- Rear shock’s air can will be cleaned and lubed. If the seals need to be replaced, you will be advised.
- Whilst the shock is off the bike an assessment of the rear pivot bearings will be made, if damaged or seized you will be advised with the work required.
- Replenishment of the old tire sealant.
- Bike washed and protected with silicon coating.

Around halfway the season, after a fair amount of use, your bike get back at the shop for a SECOND detailed service.

Finally, you get 3 extra visits to the shop for any problem you might have during the season, at any time (until September 15). Either you are going to the bike park for the week end or leaving for an epic adventure, swing by and we will assess any issues you have. Or maybe only stop by for a deep clean of the entire bike and a fresh beer !

With this program, you should be trouble free and enjoy every rides !
480 $ + extra parts if needed

I will take pride in delivering the highest quality of work, taking time and consideration to perform with the best tools and products available. Your bike will be treated as if it was mine. I will only take a maximum of 3 riders, leaving plenty of time for your bike.

Very serious about bike mechanic for the last 4 years, I will graduate from the Bikeroom in May (

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Thu, 18 Feb 2021 17:36:38 GMT