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Hey revy! Starting on November 30th I am hosting a 21-day online group coaching program to start your 2021 off the right way!
The intention of the program is to not wait until the New Year to start working on yourself. I believe by waiting to get started is how you set yourself up for failure. When you tell yourself it’s ok to wait then you are subconsciously telling yourself that the goals are not important. This group coaching program is a well rounded approach to kickstarting not just your physical health, also your mindset & goals in your entire life.
What you can expect:
- Lifetime access to all the content created for you.
- Daily lives by me which will range from HIIT, talks on mindset, talks on food, yoga, meditation & stretching.
- Daily activities such as goal setting, podcasts to listen to, self care exercises & more.
- A special PDF wellness tracker that was created by me to support you on your journey to bring more awareness to you day to day food consumption, water intake, journaling based on that days activities & more.
- Group coaching!
- Two special bonuses to set you up to make solid decisions over the holidays!
I understand times are tough & I have created a tier pricing system which means that YOU choose what fits your budget & needs. If you are not working or limited hours due to covid, privately reach out to me as I currently have 3 pay what you can spots available in the program.
- Tier A $149
- Tier B $169
- Tier C $199
- Tier D $249 * this pricing option will come along with 60 Wholefood, vegan & gluten free protein shakes.

Send me an email so we can chat more about this program to see if it’s a good fit for us both!

I recorded an episode on my podcast about this program so here is the Spotify & Apple podcasts links to have a listen to get a better idea on what it is about 😊



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Sat, 21 Nov 2020 01:52:11 GMT