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Anyone who thinks the mountain shouldn't open isn't considering the repercussions...

The mountains have put in place strict policy and procedures in line with provincial health orders, as have business in town. ALL ski hills in BC and Alberta are planning on opening. If you close one down, they'll all shut. How many BC businesses do you think will endure and be able to remain open this winter if the mountains don't open?

Let's now consider the mass exodus of people who have moved to these communities who will no longer have employment and be forced to move because they have no income... the CERB train is over.

Now consider the increased pressure on the back country ski, snow mobile and nordic areas; already expecting record breaking numbers; this comes with increased risks of injures, overcrowding and more pressure on search and rescue. You want them to close all the parks and trails again? OK so no outdoor recreation of any kind for the winter? ... Oh now the gyms are too busy, better shut that down too.

Now we've all crawled inside of our bomb shelter bubbles for the winter to weather the apocalypse. Now consider the impact this has on mental health, physical health, substance abuse and domestic abuse. All which were amplified greatly by the first lock down. There have been more OD deaths in BC attributed to the first lock down then the actual virus.

Happy yet? Covid is here, we knew it was coming; this is not the bubonic plague, malaria or ebola so check your western righteous privilege at the door Do what you feel is right, stay safe and put faith in business to operate in a safe way and stop the fear mongering and dictating which businesses are allowed to open or not. Those decisions are made by people far more educated then you.

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020 18:40:19 GMT