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We do not need to close the ski hill before it opens.
Thursday, Dr. Bonnie also reiterated that British Columbians should suspend all non-essential travel within the province for the time being.

“We recognize that tourism is incredibly important in B.C. but we are asking people in British Columbia to stay local right now, to stay within their community, to postpone recreational or social travel,” she said. “Go to your local ski hill rather than one that's in another part of the province.”

Let's listen to Dr. Bonnie
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

The ski hill sold enough season passes to not need the day ticket sales from out of towners. They employee many that want to work, need to work and want to do it safely for themselves and us.
Being outside is healthy, exercising is healthy, seeing friends outside social distancing is healthy.

Let's give RMR the chance to open safely.
Only ride lifts in your pod.
Follow the guidelines of RMR property so you don't ruin it for others.
Don't go in any buildings unless you need to.
Be kind to others and if they need a reminder do it with grace.
We are Revelstoke and if we treat each other with respect and safety this winter will be magical.
Many are suffering from mental health, from sickness and yes from Covid in this town.
Each of them count and so do you.
Reach out to your neighbours and friends and see what they need. It might only be a friendly voice and that voice could be yours :)
We are stronger together, thinking of others and enjoying this beautiful place we call home.
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

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Fri, 20 Nov 2020 03:18:16 GMT