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Firstly (disclaimer) covid is serious, I wear a mask, wash my hands and social distance...

I see that restaurants are closing around town as a precautionary measure. Good. ?

The establishments in town have been very diligent about social distancing, creating barriers and mandating masks for employees.

Is it fair to say that the previous precautions are inadequate? If a person with covid entered a restaurant, shouldn’t other employees and patrons be safe because of the measures that have been implemented? It just made me curious as to the point of the initial efforts if we’re all going to shut down every time a case of covid is reported anyways.

Does anyone else wonder if the previous precautions are possibly useless? Maybe we could operate business as usual until covid comes around rather than incur limited capacity AND intermittent shut downs? Just stressed and pondering with my free time.

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Thu, 19 Nov 2020 20:42:15 GMT