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Hey hey! Soooo I got my first ever sled arriving any day and am struggling to decide on picking up ARG's or White Walkers? Any thoughts?

I also need to find some buddies to sled with and if i knew who I was riding with that could help. I ride JJ's on the resort, got them set for touring and ride Majic Js mostly when its snowing and/or heavy and am on the resort all day

If i knew id be mostly swapping shuttle laps I think the ARG's would be a great idea: if not this year than next

..But then touring from sled access with White Walkers would be good, plus slack country and theyd be slightly better on resort for some odd days probably

I want a tapered twin tip fatty to thrash and slash and spin pop and surf with but with some newer ski tech and designs from what im used to doing that with but MAN. Oh man, its a tough decision.

Good thing I dont like the graphics on the Magic J's and want to try some tapered tips?

Any thoughts or experienc(s) to share?!


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Wed, 18 Nov 2020 23:16:56 GMT