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Craft Bierhaus has been contacted by Interior Health regarding a possible exposure from a customer on November 11 who was a patron.

All staff are being tested and have no symptoms. We want to provide clear and timely communication to the community regarding the spread of the virus.

BC center for disease control will contact a number of individuals if they deem they are at risk and we have a list ready for them. In the meantime, we are telling the community this is real.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your bubble tight.

We are very strict with groups entering and refuse service to all groups of 6 or more(no table splitting). We make great efforts to keep people separated, are wearing KN95 masks in the front of house and use fast neutralizing disinfectant to kill the virus. We also crack the bathroom windows and keep the HVAC unit on to pump in fresh air for outside and reduce concentration. The Bierhaus is closed until tests come back negative and we complete a deep clean. We are aware of 1 positive case and have heard multiple establishments are affected with others. It is upto those establishments to communicate issues.

This is the responsibility of us and the community to help keep everyone safe.

If you have been at the Bierhaus after November 11 and have symptoms you should get a test. We promise to be transparent when we know information relating to public health. We are not allow to contact patrons the BCCDC will if they deem it a risk.

Trevor Roberts

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020 19:48:18 GMT