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I want a place to park.

Due to the COVID it’s impossible for a person to find a place. Affordable is not available and I can’t Pay you $1200 for a room.

So I’m living in my truck, it’s an overland setup, rooftop tent. I am content with it but want somewhere to park to easy a little stress of moving everyday spending a ton on gas, walking distance to town would be nice/bike.

I am looking for anything from just a place to park with no amenities to something with a few extras and I am able to drive in and out from time to time to get fuel for the heater and solo adventures.

My power usage is low. LEDs and a diesel heater, no Hungary space heater here, But if I use my laptop I don’t have a lot of powers as she is old.
So some extras might be nice too. A power cord to run my laptop and my charger as solar is not the best, shower, laundry, wifi.

I am a loner so I would be spending most of my time in my truck.

I am willing to pay $200 a month for just a spot up to $300 with some extras. Long time local so I know the cost of utilities. Plus your driveway will be cleaned every snowy morning as I’m a early riser.

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020 13:39:32 GMT