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I have started a new job which seems great but I have a question.
Since Covid rules have changed we are not allowed to use the washroom.
We are not aloud in the building at all.
98% of the time this is fine but every once in a while your schedule is off and I can't see dropping a deuce in the yard.
I feel worse for the women. I can pee on a tree but women in the winter have to squat?? They're going to post hole over behind a tree? They bring their own paper?

The excuse is they don't have a cleaner for the washroom so it isn't safe.
Only shop workers can be in the shop and use the washroom. The rest of us have to stay outside?

Is there anything that says you need to provide your employees with a washroom?
Is there anything that says the washrooms should be cleaned at a place of business? Especially since Covid? No matter who is using them?
If they put a portable potty wouldn't they still need it to be cleaned and maintained.

I just started and don't want to say anything to make waves.
I was hoping for some helpful advice from The Stoke.

Thank you

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020 05:53:17 GMT