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Hello Revy

I am Jo, I am looking for people who works with wood (cabinetmaking). I am very manual, have works lots with lumber, made some furniture for myself through the years but I now wanna learn fine woodworking.
Another strong interest of mine is glass bending, in the long run I wanna learn how to make neon lights.

Anybody working in these two fields, I'd really appreciate if you could shoot me a message, touch base and go from there. Even if it's just to chat about it, maybe show me your work and give me some tips.

About me: I am a floatplane pilot working seasonal, and the long term goal is to make all this manual work my winter activity. I have done lots of different jobs and worked lots with my hands through the years so I usually learn pretty fast.

Hope to get a couple messages! Thanks.

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Tue, 17 Nov 2020 16:40:45 GMT