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Hello! Yes, this is another one of those post for a little someone looking for a warm home for this winter. I have been living with the most beautiful mates but it is time for me to find myself a new place to stay!

I am not your typical easterner migrator! I habe been living out west for half a year now! I do speak the french langage but understand really well australian accent, british accent (they are as popular in Revy as us, Quebecers!), and canadian accent therefore I won't make you repeat as often, I promise 😊

On a more serious note, I am looking to make Revelstoke my home base for the next few months and perhaps years! I am a treeplanter in the summer and a Concordia University Student the rest of the year. I study Public and community affairs and do policy analysis! Super interesting if you think you can change the world like me.

I do lots of sports: climbing, mountain biking (if I don't fracture my hand!), multiday hikes, yoga, trail running and anything else outdoorsy that could potentiolly worry my family 😊

I am a very clean roomie who loves to cook for the house and bake some goods (I know, super cheezy but I can't help it!). I love a good conversation and am super open minded about discovering new ways of viewing the world! I love some quiet time to read on my own as much as sharing the night with friends for a good old potluck.

I have alot more to say but hopefully this description will be enough to pick your intesrest ! Feel free to message me anytime 😊

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Tue, 17 Nov 2020 16:35:36 GMT