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Advance voting is available today thursday Oct 15-Wednesday Oct 21 from 8am -8pm.
Last chance to vote Sat Oct 24 8am -8pm
I thought we didn't have a green party candidate but we do! His name is Samson Boyer and his platform is more better paying jobs, more support for tourism industry and decriminalizing drugs and providing a safe supply. Yes he is young but this is his second try and as he said why wait 2 decades. We need more young people like him to stand up and do something and not just complain about things.
So please get out there and vote no matter who you vote for.

Side note for negative nellie's or neils,
If you have a problem with what I have said here (because inevitably someone always does) please do not waste everyones time by posting your anonymous vitriole online for everyone to unfortunately have to see. If you have a problem contact me directly. Do not waste Simon's time who has offered to delete some off the horrible posts that have been in response to my past posts. Don't worry though I told him not to bother because its just not worth his time!
We live in one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Lets protect our community and the trust we have in one another because once it's gone we're just fill in the blanks I might offend someone. : )

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Thu, 15 Oct 2020 14:58:12 GMT