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You know so much about ebike regs but know nothing about grammar.
So here are your grade three level lessons with
corrections shown in brackets

Rigging a electric motor (an electric motor) to your bicycle and not following the motor assisted cycle regulation's (regulations) does not make you a Ebike.(an Ebike)

The battery's (batteries) are not enclosed or mounted safely. (Sec 6 )
They are not insulated to rain. (Sec 7)
No working pedals. (Cycle Definition)
Using the bicycle gears as a transmission. (Sec 3 C)
Overrated motor (Sec 1 A)

Then theirs (there's) you, mid fortys (fourties), no care for safety, no signalling (signaling), overtaking traffic and breaking the speed limit with 40lb of lead acid battery's (batteries) hanging off the back.

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Sun, 26 Jul 2020 17:29:52 GMT