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I am one of the bottle and can guys and I am posting this post as it is not as bad as the buy fake money on here ones. It is an honest post- period. And this post is being done with my email address with my name on it so no one can accuse me of using someone elses email address, as that has happened before. LIke some others on here I have sent rude replies to people due to their posts on the stoke list.
I do apologize for that and it will not happen anymore. Now, I have something I want to do to make amends for past behaviour but maybe should not outline it on here in case it offends anyone not that it is in any way sexually offensive- it is not. If anyone wants the details which mainly concerns women message me. I will answer all emails. All replies I get will stay confidential and discrete. if you email you will see who I am. My real name will be on any replies. I am after good honest help here. All Stay Safe and Have a Good Day!

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Wed, 20 May 2020 23:38:50 GMT