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Hello All,

I live 4 km west of Revelstoke. We come to Revelstoke for groceries when necessary and to walk the trail along the river. We take social distancing seriously. We use self-checkout to pay for groceries and we maintain the six-foot perimeter when walking. However, yesterday we overheard a young woman saying she had just returned from travel outside the country and this run on the trail was her first day of her 14-day “self isolation”. Not cool. I thought we should use The Stoke List to remind people that self-isolation means INSIDE THEIR HOME with NO contact to others for 14 days, no matter how sunny and beautiful the day. I have a friend who returned from the US and she is staying in her home. Groceries are being left on her front step for her to retrieve once the delivery person has left. As a community we need to get this right. Everyone needs to get this right and we need to get it right RIGHT NOW!

Trina Colpitts

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Sun, 22 Mar 2020 16:01:25 GMT