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Word Unscramble Edition!

Run (or walk or bike) to each location and find the posted letter(s). There are 11 letters in total. Once all 11 letters are found, rearrange the letters to find the secret word.

Each location will have one piece of paper posted with 1 or 2 letters on it. Please leave the paper up for everyone else to find. Bring a pen and paper or a phone to record each letter. I will make tabs on the top of the page that can be torn off if you forget to bring a way to record each letter, but there will be a limited number of them.

I will release the list of locations at 11am on Saturday, March 21st. The course will be approx. 6.5km. If you want to be the first to figure out the secret word, message Revy Runners when you have it solved and I will release the name of who gets it first. Please do not post the word online as it will ruin it for others. I will reveal the answer after 7pm on Saturday.

Please note that this is not a social event and be responsible and do the hunt independently or only with others whom you are already in close quarters with.

Happy hunting!
-Revy Runners

Locations: (All outside and in logical order but can be done in reverse)

1. The turn off for the Selkirk Saddle Club
2. “Hole” #5 on Illecillewaet disc golf course, Greenbelt
(Not the industrial side. Follow the trail in from 4th along the river. Stay straight when it forks left and right. Watch for the right at the top of a hill.)
3. Approaching the Illecillewaet Bridge, Greenbelt
4. Heron Loop, Greenbelt
5. Where Kokanee meets Rotary, baseball diamonds
6. Community Center garden front
7. Jones Distilling on Old School Eatery, Mountain View School
8. Just over the Big Eddy Bridge

Hint below if you want one!

There’s always a sign if you look hard enough.
Look arrouunndd ;)

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Sat, 21 Mar 2020 17:59:33 GMT