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Thank you landlords for suppling my family and I rental units over the years and I made them home and enjoyed most of them over the years. As I cannot afford to own I’ve been quite happy having the opportunity to live in this town renting.
There are many good landlords in town here and they’ve been really good to us and others.
Without them I wouldn’t have a place to live. Period.
We’re all in this together. I know they have mortgages, bills and many more expenses. More then most renters can understand. Stop being selfish!
We are all in this together, pls stop with the negativity.
It’ll be better without it. We can all work together and come out of this tragedy together.
Now nor ever is time to divide the community we all need eachother!

Offer help, solutions and thoughtfulness!
Get outside and get some fresh air!

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Sat, 21 Mar 2020 16:20:09 GMT