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Dear loader operator for Jake n Jay..... If possible at 2am (the whole neighbourhood wonders why not plow the snow during the day??) could you instead of just pushing the wind row from the grader to the edge of our driveways (where we have to shovel it anyways) to up and over the snow banks? We know the loader you drive lifts more than 4 ft as the park bike rack has found out by the ball diamonds. Also, beating and banging the crap out of your bucket is getting old. I could see if there was a bunch of snow stuck in it but there’s not.... the angle at which it’s at when you push the wind row into our driveways should be obvious. Please show some courtesy to the people paying for you service.... We are all tax payers here. Not ranting and raving here just discussing so that hopefully we can all get along.

a lady who has lived here for 52 winters so far.

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Tue, 11 Feb 2020 21:41:10 GMT