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It´s time to sell our lovely car, because our working visas expaire soon. We bought the car on March 2019, we are third owners. We make a bed frame, which you can very easily remove/set up and we have "everything" what you need to travel in car.

The car has done 338xxx km, but run really smoothly, don´t have any issue or leaks. Car is in very good condition.

The oil was changed every 5 000 km. We changed it few days ago.

About car:
Honda Pilot EX 4WD 2003
3.5L V6
Automatic transmission
The car has 3 row of seat (8 people) and you can remove the second and third row easily.
Rear heater and heated mirrors
Automatic A/C
AM/FM, CD, Tape

Winter tires
Extra set of M+S tires
bed frame + foam mattres + 2x pillow + duvet + linens
1x tarp
1x camping chair + table
1x shovel
1x bike rack and roof rack
Cooking stuff
4x box for clothing/food
1x Coleman grill/stove
1x jump booster cabels
+ other useful stuf

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Tue, 14 Jan 2020 04:51:10 GMT