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Hi, does anyone think it's possible that Revelstoke, the entire columbia river valley and the dams are all here to prevent a historical indigenous resistance, or at least an amazing and powerful north american indigenous home base here? Driving in from any direction it is easy to feel thousands of feet and scores of square (or circular) kilometres all around and recognize how much more significant this space is in these clouds than we are. This is clearly the most special place in Southern Canada.

Considering how quickly you could travel down from Prince George into the states when it was a river, and the wealth of local traditional sites spread throughout the Selkirks and region that are now underwater, and that some of the best most compelling, interesting, diplomatic and humanly compassionate historical accounts of early contact here (David Thompson's Columbia Journals edited by Barbara Belyea are really good!) are impossible to trace because of the reservoirs, and missing accounts of gold that should have been obvious to an early explorer (maybe im wrong) and an obviously missing journal (and couple-month period) from Thompson's extraordinarily fastiduous and organized collection of records, there seems an obvious thread of a story.

Is anyone else interested in this or have any comments to make? I'm doing this research because I feel that if this region hadn't been dammed, we would already have had the conditions for transformative human understanding, stemming from land and place, that seems to be missing from our world where technology as often as not restrains us rather than enables us our visions and development of wisdom, understanding and compassion. An actually-felt 3-d (density therefore gravity (spacetime)) understanding of this planet as respected and real (it's only ~6400km to the centre- where we find a 600km wide steel ball. Like full-on), bound by air all around, with us fuzzy humans and trees on its surface overcoming as well as representing the only blue and green and sahara-coloured and red and white and wonderful home of a life-supporting ball we have, is possible.

And now, or in a few moments again, we accept the fishbowl life of surveillance in the 2020s; our identities pre-packaged every morning by coke and the nsa, auto-steel-petrol industry, google, hackers, anyone who can benefit from the identity-mining/advertising/media cycle, for we to fit the circular, gdp-cog sort of lives the leaders of the world seem incredibly comfortable maintaining as status quo (or else dying). I'm not necessarily advocating to get rid of your jobs, or start the revolution in ski towns where the youth control everything important anyway, but that we, as this amazing love-filled thing called we, find the empathy, understanding, and our personal specific powers to develop systems that protect, shelter and sustain us for the benefit of others (powered by technology*).

If technology is worth anything, at some point, we should be able to stand back and count on these systems because we care about each other, rather than putting up with capitalism for the sake of our individual dinners and the small bills in our pockets. I for one definitely volunteer in a world like this.


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Mon, 02 Dec 2019 17:26:07 GMT