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Was down on the ice at the airport marsh today and the ice is in great shape! It seemed plenty thick enough to be safe on every part of the pond. For those who love outdoor skating this is an opportunity we don't get every year and it never lasts long before snow covers the ice or a thaw comes on those years when we do get it. Better get out there tomorrow or you'll probably miss your chance.
The airport management has deliberately made access to the pond as difficult as they could. The easiest way to access the pond for skating is to park about 300 meters past the Williamson Lake driveway on Airport Way about 100 meters before the next driveway on your right hand side that is the flying club driveway and duck around the end of the airport fence where you can scramble down the steep embankment with the aid of a rope that someone has ties to a tree. Once at the waters edge put your skates on and enjoy!

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Sun, 01 Dec 2019 01:48:11 GMT