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I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on Legal Representation who specializes in the rights and freedoms of homeowners in BC. This could potentially turn into a class action case. Interested to know if there are any local experts on the subject and what the costs could potentially amount to. Looking for a Lawyer who is up for the challenge of going against the City of Revelstoke and will act in the best interest of property owners, friends of City Council or ties with City Employees need not reply.

Homeowners here in Revelstoke are at risk of losing their property rights and freedoms at the dictation of the new by-laws to be released in 2020. Myself and other Homeowners are considering banding together to see if there is a case to protect the rights and freedoms of Homeowners and explore "Grandfathering" rights in advance of the change in By-Laws.

Renters rights seem to be becoming more important than the owners who sacrificed to purchase their home and consistently pay taxes.


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Sun, 10 Nov 2019 20:40:48 GMT