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Hi revy,
we are Theresa and Simeon (27/29) another couple coming to Revelstoke for the season maybe even longer. In a few days we’ll be arriving and we’re super excited. Unfortunately, we just had a last minute drop out, so we don’t have a place to stay yet. 
We are easy-going, tidy, energetic and we’re into snowboarding a lot. So we rather spend our time outside than being hangover. But of course we like beer. 
Both of us have been living in shared homes, we like sharing food, hang out in a group but also take it easy and have time on our own.

If you have a room, or know someone who knows someone give us a shout. We don't take much space!
Cheers Theresa & Simeon

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Sun, 10 Nov 2019 16:57:21 GMT