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GMC Safari camper 1999

Serviced regularly, new battery, big knobbly like new BFGoodrich All Terrain tyres (m+s) Gets you up the logging roads to all the best spots.

Warm, dry, and comfortable. Fully insulated with shiny foil and pink foam.

Tonnes of storage. Place for lots of ski gear in side storage box. Also fits climbing gear for 2 and a mountain of climbing/hiking stuff under the bed. Previous owners even had a single XL full suspension Mtb inside the van in the side storage box. Also the bed can be turned in to a nice little couch! :)

Comes with the typical camping gear.

Butane stove + a couple of butane bottles

pots and pans

A great deal of tools

2 sleeping bags


2 water tanks

Small car power inverter


Co2 alarm

LED Lantern

- Automatic transmission

- Bulletproof Vortec 4.3L V6

- 325,000km

- Rad racing stripes

The spare tire is currently on as one of the all terrain tires is flat, could be fixed before if needed! Filled up small cracks with spray foam insulation, could have looked nicer but at least it keeps your warm. Also it's a super easy aesthetic fix for the non lazy one as me :) Sliding door needs to be insulated. Insulation comes with and is already cut out, just ready to be put on on. Same side definitely has a bit of character on the outside but just a great opportunity to be creative and cover it up with stickers or so. And we all know it's not the outside that counts!! :))))

Price could be negotiable. Send me a PM for any questions and for more photos

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Mon, 04 Nov 2019 01:45:56 GMT