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360 square feet. No pets ( documented and licensed service animal okay by law) no guests, no skis allowed inside, no parties, no visitors, no smoking, does not have plumbing or indoor bathroom, bathroom located in main house 110 meters away through forest with spiders and mountain lions. Space heater, requires 10 years of employment and rental history, credit check, no playing of iron maiden allowed. 4 year lease required. Owner is not from here, comes and stays at the sutton hotel like 4 days a year.

No left handed people, no right handed people... must be ambidextrous. Must only wear arcteryx everything, eat organically and work for the rail road, hydro, or timber industry. Must make minimum 110,000 a year and wear a beanie all year round.

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Sat, 12 Oct 2019 10:09:46 GMT