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I've been reading and hearing a lot of complaints about vehicles speeding in town especially through school zones. Is there a valid reason why majority of mornings as we all drive to work the police are having breakfast at Starbucks or McDonald's during the same time? Is there a reason why each school cannot have some police presence during morning drop offs for our children's sake? For those of us that frequent the schools dropping and picking up our kids I think it's safe to say we rarely see police presence therefore conditioning people speeding is ok because we don't have consequences in place? I think there is never a fix completely but I sure feel as a community we can work better together to let it be known speeding will not be tolerated. Or does a child have to get hit? I would like some input from the police themselves as well as the school board. Have we gone away with maybe having a school member wearing a safety vest out I'm the morning and end of day with a slow sign? It would help monitor and control traffic with little cost to the school maybe even volunteer?

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Fri, 11 Oct 2019 16:17:04 GMT