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Who loves cookies? ­čŹ¬

My son is selling English Bay cookie dough for his year end trip.

All cookie dough comes in a pail and can be frozen for up to a year!

Easy Christmas ­čÄä baking!

Flavours available:
­čö╣Shortbread ($11.00)
­čö╣Chocolate Chip ($11.00)
­čö╣Oatmeal Raisin ($11.00)
­čö╣Double Chocolate ($11.00)
­čö╣Peanut Butter ($11.00)
­čö╣Candy (M&M) ($11.00)
­čö╣Ginger Molasses ($11.00)
­čö╣White Chocolate Macadamia ($13.00)
­čö╣Chunky Chocolate ($13.00)
­čö╣Chocolate Chip Macadamia ($13.00)
­čö╣Chocolate Chip Pecan ($13.00)

Send me a message and we can make sure to get yours ordered! Thank you in advance for your support!

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Thu, 10 Oct 2019 20:03:05 GMT