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Friday, Oct 18 | 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Saturday, Oct 19 | 12:00 - 3:00 pm
at Balu Yoga & Wellness

Friday Night OR Saturday Afternoon Workshop | $55
BOTH Workshops | $99

Ritual | Movement | Mantra | Meditation | Sacred Drum

Pilgrim of the Heart

Practices of devotion to better understand the protective, divinely loving nature of the heart.

Its innate design to remain open & engage life, yet our tendency to armour, wall & close our heart to feel safe. We will take a pilgrimage to the heart and create ceremonies of healthy boundaries, invoke our personal heart ally & develop a lasting conscious awareness to walk this life as a path with heart.

Friday Oct. 18 2019

Path of the Unknown

Practices of trust & faith in letting go of false solidity, of the clinging to identity & security that locks up the freedom of our soul, its nature for curiosity and awe. We will explore conversations & practices that fortify our willingness to see that the unknown is a place of pure potentiality and magic. Tools to better understand fear, belonging, and our life’s sacred dance.

Saturday Oct 19, 2019

Friday Night OR Saturday Afternoon Workshop | $55
Friday Night & Saturday Afternoon Workshops | $99

Sasha’s bio:
Sasha’s offerings pour out of a poetry soaked heart & an old soul. Her calling is to facilitate connection & eradicate separation. To gather and witness us humans reclaim what has been forgotten & laid dormant. Our bodies, relationships, and lives are full of magic and awe. Humans, just like nature & the cosmos are pure ecstatic life force desiring to express itself. To awaken to the ceremony of our own lives requires us to heal and reclaim our selfhood, from which point all else will echo.

Sasha graduated from university with a Kinesiology degree & worked for 10 years as a trainer & athletic coach until the spirituality of Yoga intersected that path. For the past decade since then, she have been a teacher and facilitator of Yoga classes, trainings and retreats. For the past 3 years, her soul found a new home within the sacred realm of Shamanic studies & earth medicine ceremonies.

Her old soul has an ancient calling to commune with the spirit in everything. Sasha integrates these vast lineages of Body Wisdom, Yoga and Shamanic ceremony together for an offering to heal herself and whomever else is seeking the same.

Refund Policy: Refund of 100% is available up to 3 weeks prior to training. Refund of 75 % is available up to 2 weeks prior to training. Less the 2 weeks (14 days) no refund available.

Book online at or in studio.

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