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Hello good folk!

I'll be working as an instructor this winter in your humble town, and am looking for accommodation!

Some of my qualities that might interest you in having me live with you.

- I'm not from this planet
- I don't drink (have nothing against it)
- I don't smoke (except for the very rare spliff to assist in my yogic or meditative practice) but am 4:20 friendly if you do part-take in such delicacies.
- I'm incredibly clean and tidy, and actually enjoy cleaning!
- I'm one of those 'jolly British chaps'
- I'm quiet, except if you wanna make some mad improv beats...
- I'm vegan
- I'm keen to cook and make some incredibly yummy and tasty food!
- There will be no issues with regards paying for rent!
- I can do relatively good accents from all over the world!
- I Love tea, and will be bringing with me a delightful selection of just that....Tea
- Hopefully, most of that indicates that I'm a friendly human!

Interests - Skiing, Yoga (and other such energy practices), WooWoo, Climbing, Surfing, Modelling/Acting (may travel to and from Vancouver occasionally for work) Well-being, Art, LotR, Star Wars, also don't mind a night in watching mean girls...

I'm androgynous - so you also get a womans touch around the house!

I look forward to hearing from those of you who might fancy having me as a flat mate!

Be Well, Be Happy, Be Free!



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Mon, 07 Oct 2019 19:11:40 GMT