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The NSA is.

I'd like to have a conversation. If fifty people started talking into their phones maybe they'd save us the phone call charges and connect us.

We could role play. Who wants to pretend they're not the NSA? Here, I'll be CIA. I'll start by apologizing for everything I can find out.

If we did just all start talking to 'Jerry at NSA' or 'Camilla at CSIS' to our tiny phone mics, can we? How long till they hack it if they don't already? Should def research CIA ethics. They get worse before they get better. We need more open information and to make big world choices together.

Good luck! I assume it's all ethical and well I ain't no CIA!

Where are ur hearts minds and warrior world planning?

Missy Elliot - work it.

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Thu, 12 Sep 2019 02:18:25 GMT