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Simon and KK are probably trying to live life and raise their family. They do this site as a service and i bet for the time and effort they put in they don't make a dime. Plus there might only be a couple people asking for it to be changed which does not warrant it. If you expect them to be at your beckon at the drop of a hat and moderate it every minute of the day you have to get your head out of crazy town and figure it out bud.

The stoke list is awesome and guess what... You can scroll by anything you don't want to see! Imagine that! You are not required to click on things! Wow!! I mean it seems out of this world but that's actually how it is. Who would've thunk??

If you don't agree and don't like how it's run then... Well... Can't help you out with that entitlement.

Keep up the good service Simon and KK!

From: most of Revelstoke

P.S. The person complaining about the bottle can guy is the worst! Get a hobby ya dingo!

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Wed, 14 Aug 2019 22:09:40 GMT