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Looking to make some extra cash? And have a code reader? You will need your own tools and jack as well. We are in need of some mechanical expertise for our 2002 Buick regal. It does this surging/stuttering thing that will cause it to stall out when stopped too long among other things. We were told it was the alternator and battery but even after replacing those parts the issue is still there. We've also been told that it could be: 1. something to do with the fuel 2. that it seems more an electrical/heat issue 3. Spark plugs or 4. most likely something to do with the coil packs - a code reader could be super helpful to diagnose the actual cause. I am aware that there are shops in town but with the issues getting worse and it quitting on me 4 times while driving in town yesterday it will stay parked it until it is fixed.

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Wed, 14 Aug 2019 21:39:35 GMT