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As a long term resident of this town I feel there are some serious questions for the RCMP to answer and the posts here being dismissive of holding our public servants to account for their actions are ridiculous.

"Why don't you go have another joint, drink another dozen beer and STFU."
Not wanting our law enforcement to use disproportionate actions against citizens doesn't indicate anything about smoking or drinking habits. However, judging by your language it does indicate something about yours.

"sounds like you are just to STUPID like the SIMPSONS"
*Too. If you think The Simpsons is "stupid", I suggest you're only smart enough to understand the slapstick elements.

"You are a small group of rebels who just like to disturb the shit."
That "small group" must include near universal condemnation online plus every single person I've discussed this with in town. I think you underestimate the propensity of people to hold authority accountable.

"Please stop publicly posting your personal opinions"
Pot, meet kettle.

"claiming that most of us share them. We don’t. "
My conversations with residents, plus the plethora of comments on articles and community posts both locally and nationally, attest otherwise. If you don't want answers on how valuable resources are used, that's fine. Some of us do care about this community and potential rights violations and we want answers. Just one example, there are many more -

"We also aren’t sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for an explanation of how and why the police carry out their responsibilities any more than we care how you fulfill your job’s requirements."
That's fine, you don't have to. My boss, however, does care. As does the company I work for. Considering the police are public servants paid 70% by local property taxes and 30% by federal taxes, who is their boss? Who do they work for? Equivalent misuse of resources and disproportionate actions would absolutely get me called in for a chat at the very least. Why is this different? What makes police so special that they shouldn't have to answer to their employer (us)?

"They need to have very broad shoulders to try and balance their responsibilities to their community"
And I posit that they're doing a very poor job of that right now. Many seem to agree.

"we’re thankful to have them around."
What was that about extending your opinion to include others? Many people are rightly suspicious of the local RCMPs behaviour now because of their actions. Many are wondering if they can be trusted to do the job adequately if such lack of judgement is used, and how that judgement will fail going forward.

You may not want to hold our public servants to account, even though they work for us on the public dime, but I and many others absolutely do. Those making excuses for the actions of police in this case would do well to read a few history books and educate themselves on the dangers of blind faith in authority. It may seem like this is a minor example, but that's how it always starts. I swear some of these people won't recognize the iron fist of authoritarianism even as the baton is repeatedly smashing them over the head.

For these reasons, I reiterate the questions originally posted and add my own-
Where is our mayor and council? The RCMP is mostly funded through local taxes, does their behaviour represent value for money?

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Wed, 14 Aug 2019 00:54:31 GMT