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Still waiting for that statement from the RCMP regarding their disproportionate actions and potential Charter rights violations.

We need to know how they intend to deal with future cases such as this.

We need to know why they are flush with resources on a busy long weekend when it comes to raiding homes, but strangely pressed for time for several days when it comes to communicating with the residents of Revelstoke.

Why did they think this was a good use of resources?
Who was the judge that signed off on the warrant?
Who made the decision to raid the home?
Why was that done when the plants are outside?
Did anyone say "hang on a minute"? If so, why was that ignored?
Do they intend to come after other participants of the garden tour?
Was this a pure chance encounter or was this officer specifically out to look for legal cannabis plants?
Do we really want RCMP officers who behave in this manner in our community?
What does the local RCMP detachment intend to do to restore trust, if anything?

There are many more questions, and seemingly no answers. Where does the buck stop?

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Tue, 13 Aug 2019 06:19:00 GMT