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New Purchasing Options for this unique Amazing Home and Large Acreage- 20 acres or? See Website:
May now be purchased as follows:
As of:

Country Victorian
Option 1: 1 Title- 20.5 Acres:
Reduced to $890,000!
Option 2: 34 Acres 2 Titles : for & $1,190,0O0
Option 3: 51 Acres, 2 Titles: $1,435,000
Only 15 minutes into Revelstoke!!
(51Acres-3deeds and Home
Price-$1,435,000 CDN$)
(That' just a little more than half of the home's replacemtent Value alone, without the properties!)
(New August 2017 Professional Appraisal for Insurance Company- for cost Replacement at $2,107,000 for home alone!)

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Sun, 11 Aug 2019 22:05:04 GMT