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Just letting everyone know that there is a very ignorant motor bike rider around town. Today I was driving in from the west on HIghway # 1. At the interchange between Highway # 23 and Highway # 1 this guy came on to # 1. Rode very close behind me all the way to the round about on Victoria. When I drove into the round about I slowed down to the posted limit. I am assuming he was right on my bumper so when I slowed down he would have had to brake hard and as it turns out got angry I found out. When I got to where I was going in upper arrow heights off hay road he rode up beside me and yelled at me and threatened me!! I got his license number and reported him to the RCMP. He has a grey beard and was on a reddish orange bike. I intend to charge him with following too close and uttering threats.
Anyway keep an eye out for this guy as it appears he is not all there and the police are looking for him.

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Sun, 11 Aug 2019 02:26:19 GMT