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Here is the thing about pricing. It always goes up. The Baguette have had and still have sensible pricing on such quality goods.

There are two recent major reasons for pricing to go up there:

1. It is a staff heavy operation with many employees. You may or may not have noticed but there have been a number of occasions where they had to modify their hours due to staffing shortages. Staff turn over cost time and money. Increasing wages generally increases retention and acquisition of staff. Which will lead to increased prices.

2. Provincial changes to the medical services plan (MSP) have halved the cost of MSP for individuals. Unfortunately that buck has been passed onto the employers. For a staff heavy operation that is a huge annual expense! Again, that will unfortunately translate to additional price increases.

Yes it sort of stings when we see pricing on what we like and use regularly go up. Just try to keep in mind the real potential reasons of why they do rather than assuming price gouging theories associated with high-season.

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Tue, 09 Jul 2019 16:45:47 GMT