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Rounding out number 3, for the bar where it's hardest to hear, The Village Idiot. Other then the bench backs, I'm not sure there's a soft surface in the joint to soak up noise. We'd be willing to stand in line on a busy night for some of the best pizza in town, but not if we can't talk to each other. If we wanted to not talk to each other, we'd get your pizza, bring it home, and binge Netflix.

No. 2 for the worst establishment for the hearing impaired is, Craft Bierhaus. It used to be the worst, I believe they've installed some acoustic panels, but when it gets busy in there, I've resorted to just browsing my phone, finishing my one beer, then heading home to wait for my friends to call me for a DD.

And the absolute worst place in town to try and have a conversation is Begbie Brewery. It is deafening in the merch/beer area when the crowd is busy in the bar. There can be 1 group of 4 people at one corner table, we'll sit on the other side of the room, and I'll still find it hard to hear. I should call Worksafe BC to see if your staff need aircraft carrier level hearing protection. It's easier to talk immediately in front of BC/DC at Traverse then it is with 2-3 groups at Begbie Brewery. And you think a crowd is noisy there, have you ever heard a baby crying at Begbie Brewery. The brewmaster was so distracted by the an infant crying, they put a barrel of maple syrup in each bottle of 150 Confederation Maple Cream Ale, instead of the few teaspoons they were intending to.

Thanks for listening to my somewhat exaggerated rant. However, it is a problem, I have avoided places on busy nights because I knew I couldn't be social and please remember that accessibility for persons with disabilities goes much further than a wheelchair ramp.

There is tons of information about sound absorbing material that is both fire rated, hygienic for bars, please research it and help make your places inviting for everyone.

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Sat, 08 Jun 2019 02:56:23 GMT