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Sat. June 8 | 12:00 – 4:00 pm | $49
with Kat Taniberg
at Balu Yoga & Wellness

Ever wondered why your posture might not be that great? Why you might struggle to catch a deep breath? Why you might struggle to keep an open mind and an open heart?

It all leads down to our spine. The main highway in our body; not only is it a complex structure that regulates our movements, it also houses our central nervous system. Yet are we taking enough care of it? Our lifestyle often pushes us towards forward-facing desk ridden lives. In this workshop we will discover the movements that work as antidotes to our daily lives – backbends, binds and twists.

Not only will we be moving through a juicy vinyasa flow, preparing the body to weave itself into deliciously deep twists, binds and backbends, but we will also be looking at the prerequisites to these movements. Why is it easier for some people to move into those deep postures whilst others seem to struggle a little more? What are the holistic reasons for this? We will take a look at our physical bodies and our psychology, examining our differences and how they affect our physical practice.

If you have been curious to find out more about your spine and how it affects those delicious movements, then join Kat for this 4 hour workshop, where we will be breaking it all down through partner work, asana practice and an open discussion.

You will leave this workshop feeling energized. You will have created space in your front body, which will have enabled you to open up your heart and your mind. You will leave with better posture and will breathe with more ease. You will leave ready for whatever the day will throw at you.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Refund of 90% is available up to 60 days prior to training (excluding deposit). If we can fill your space, we will gladly offer you a full refund less 10% admin fees. Less then 3 weeks (21days) no refund available.

Book online at or in studio.

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