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HypnoBirthing Course coming to Revelstoke MAY 25/26!!

The complete course over just 1 weekend! Dates: May 25 & 26, 9-6pm

Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for this special birth with HypnoBirthing~The Mongan Method Childbirth Education - “taking the birthing world by calm!!”

Can you imagine being free of fear or limiting thoughts about your birthing, and feeling confident and prepared, even looking forward to the experience instead?

Did you know EXPECTATION of pain creates pain?

Our bodies follow the messages our mind is sending. Positive thoughts relaxed birthing, negative/fearful thoughts stressful birthing.

HypnoBirthing works to eliminate Fear - Tension - Pain Syndrome. It's simple - Fear or limiting thoughts cause Tension in the mind that translates to tension in the body and muscles - the CERVIX is a muscle! Tension during labour creates pain because your muscles are resisting the work your body is trying to do, and labour becomes painful and prolonged and can lead to interventions.

Can you imagine the benefit of releasing endorphins (200 times stronger morphine) instead? This is what is NORMAL for birthing. But we’ve been programmed to believe pain is inevitable.

Normally mammals relax and produce endorphins when they go into labour. Let's get back to nature! Learn to relax - with fear release sessions, relaxation and ultra depth techniques practiced in class with your partner (or alone), learn special breathing that works with your body. Build a new positive expectations with a RE-EDUCATION on what's actually normal during birthing and how the uterine muscles work easily and normally when free of tension and blood is circulating normally. And NO PUSHING! The Bears in Revelstoke birth their babies in their sleep right?

Come on Mama Bears! Choose to focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. Attract what you want, let go of the rest. Experience the kind of birth nature intended. Prepare for a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing!

Space is Limited!
Register to claim your spot now with $100 deposit. Full course fee $449, includes your HypnoBirthing book, Relaxation and Affirmations, Prenatal Bonding audio tracks, class handouts, visualization posters, massage oil and other tools!!
Fee includes tuition for 3 people: Mama, Dad/Birth Companion, plus your doula if you have one.
To register or for more information contact or call 250-808-6321 NOW!

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