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LOVE CANADA is recruiting volunteer support for upcoming community focused events...many of you have offered your support already. Here is what you can do to take part...

Affordable Housing Awareness Campout

Priority needs aside from drop in support/setting up a tent are:

Extra volunteers for:

Positive written ideas. IDEAS with intention to actively help with crisis level issues (safe/healthy food & shelter) will be collected & submitted to local, regional, & national levels of leadership.

Setting up tents. (Especially 2 large community sized)

Transportation: to deliver large temporary shelter & carpool those in need of way to locations.

Greeters, photographers (for aerial rather than selfie images to respect privacy), & artists to help communicate our challenges & ideas to encourage essential decisions.

Information gathered will be presented to leaders at all levels of decision making that would like to engage with our concerned residents.

Please email us at to show your support. Check out The Revelstoke Current for updates and detailed information.

Take care and have a safe holiday weekend!!

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Thu, 16 May 2019 23:28:09 GMT