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Object: Proposal of family cultural exchange/ of no-paid work in exchange for room and board

Dear community of Revelstoke,

In the last days I got in touch with a member of your community thanks to the website, a platform that promotes sustainable travel and cultural exchange and where travellers and local hosts can meet up. This nice woman advised me to post my presentation and my request on this online group hoping to receive a help in finding a host family in Revelstoke.

I’m Martina Pietrogiovanna, a 22 years old girl from Northern Italy. I live in a small mountain village in the Alps; the town is called Valfurva in Lombardy region. I’m currently a Uni student in my country; last year I obtained the bachelor's degree in Management and in September I will start a master course in Business. But this summer (from early June to end August) I’m planning to do a journey to Canada, travelling around Alberta and British Columbia. Canada is my dreamland, In fact I really wish to visit it to admire its beautiful landscape and discover its culture, its way of living and thinking. During these three months I would like to do some cultural exchanges in order to become part of some Canadian families for a certain period, get in touch with local people, learn something new about this stunning country, enrich myself, my cultural baggage and my English language skills .
Simplicity and curiosity are the best keywords that describe myself! Since I was a child I have learned to appreciate simple things and moments and to esteem life. By nature I have a curious personality and I have the innate desire of growing personally. I'm really keen on facing new experiences and adventures, meeting new interesting people, knowing new cultures and habits. Travelling is not just a passion but a way of challenging myself and overstepping my 'comfort zone'.

I’m now planning my journey and my first step will be to take a flight from Milan to Calgary in the first week of June (I have not still booked the flight so I can’t tell you now the precise date of my departure but approximately the period will be this one). I wish to visit initially the Rocky Mountains and the National Parks around so I will aim to do a stop-over in your area between June and July. Revelstoke inspires me a lot because it appears to be a gem sorrounded by the nature! I’m an outdoor and sport lover and it seems indeed the perfect place to go trekking, biking and spending time outside breathing fresh air!

For this reason, I'm searching for a family who would be willing in hosting me for approximately 3/4 weeks in June or July depending on how I organise my journey (‘1° option’ approximately from early June until end of June; ‘2°option’ approximately from end of June until the penultimate week of July). Obviously I would like to be an active guest who provides help in your family for about 4-5 hours a day per 5 days a week (two days off) in order to receive in change room and board (so a private bedroom and three meals a day); that's how works...if you are curious I invite you to visit it and also my profile googling 'Martina Pietrogiovanna workaway'.
I could help you doing a lot of different things...for example taking care of your children, doing household chores, cooking, shopping, gardening, helping in the yard and in the vegetable garden, farming, doing general maintenance and renovations in the house and ouside, eco projects and many other various tasks that you have in mind!
I have some previous experiences in the childcare; indeed I babysitted children of different ages as part-time work in Itay and last autumn I did the Au-pair girl in Germany. I love preparing typical Italian dishes and tasting new recipies. As I'm a nature lover what refers to gardening and agriculture appeals to me and I love eating healthy food directly from the land. Obviously I don't have fear to get my hands dirty and to do manual tasks. I'm really open-minded and willing to learn new things and to give my help in fields which are unknown for me.

Something more about myself...Italian is my mothertongue but I'm also able to speak in English and German. I'm not a smoker and I don't have special diet requirements. I'm allergic to dog, cat, gramineous plants, hazelnut, tomato, apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, strawberry, cherry, avocado. If you have eventually a dog or a cat in your home it's not a huge problem because during the years I have known how to live side by side with them.

I will come to Canada with a Visitor’s Visa (which is the eTa for us Italians); I have found a regulation on the Canadian Government site that specifies that with this type of visa I can provide help to non-commercial hosts for a maximum of 4 weeks per single host Also this site WWOOF, which is a platform similar to Workaway, specifies these requirements In fact, I don’t have a Work Permit so I can’t work under a job contract and receive a salary; I can’t be a worker but just a traveller/visitor/guest/friend who provides help to your family in excharge for room and board. I invite you to read the regulations above.

If you are a lovely family who is keen on doing this kind of cultural exchange, it would be really a pleasure for me to join you, give my support, share memorable moments with you and spending time together!

If you need further information or if you are interested in welcome me, feel free to contact me (leaving a comment under my post or writing directly to my e-mail account In this way, we could exchange us more details, discuss better the period and the conditions and find eventually an agreement.

I hope that someone of you likes my request and replies positively to my proposal! I would be really thrilled if I could come in Revelstoke!

Many thanks
Martina :)

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Thu, 16 May 2019 14:43:42 GMT