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If you have never heard of “an escape room”, let me enlighten you!
Escape rooms are the hottest games in town, attracting players across the globe to themed adventures where you are the star.... teams of players work together to solve puzzles and complete objectives. Using your intellect and teamwork to unravel mysteries, discover secrets, and unlock puzzles that will help you accomplish your goal...... which is to ESCAPE! It’s thrilling and incredible fun!!

We have 2 rooms to choose from- 1. Our “Museum Heist” room. You are on a mission to sneak in, find the masterpiece that will make you filthy rich and get away with the heist before the security guards arrive at morning shift. Thrilling and full of surprises... this room is ranked currently as a 50% escape rate.

2. Our “School of Magic” roomed is Harry Potter themed. Order of the Serpent managed to restore the secret of the Alchemist Stone and the Dark Lord is about to rise and gain unprecedented power. You are a student, and you are our only hope to stop the Dark Lord. In this room, you will have your own wand, and many surprises await!

3. “Jigsaw” - this room is currently in construction. Themed after the “Saw” movie series, this room will bring you to new heights in thrill factor! If you enjoy the thrill of a good scare...this room is for you. Opening Soon......

If you haven’t experienced an escape room, give us a call, and let our friendly staff plan your escape!! 250-814-3465


Come check out our official “cool” tribe wear!
Visit us at 4-1605 Victoria Road (Across from the roundabout)



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