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Oh hey there!
I'm selling my beautiful beast of a girl, Vanielle an '84 Dodge Ram Custom B250 Campervan. Yeah she's a little old, but it's what's on the inside that counts! So here you go...

The important details:

- V8 5.9L engine / automatic transmission / fuel: gas / drive: rwd
- 232,000 Km
- 4 Seater van with tons of room... you can STAND, and plenty of storage space! There is a full closet, cabinets over and around the bed, storage underneath the bed, under the back seat chairs, and cabinets in the kitchenette
- 2 batteries: The second powers the water pump for the sink and toilet (yep, there's a toilet ... in the comfort of your very own closet) as well as the lighting inside- which there is plenty of.

I purchased her in April 2018 and prior to fully living in it, there was a lot of work done both mechanically and to the interior. Virtually everything on the inside is freshly painted with new fabric, accessories, and laminate flooring - said goodbye to the shag carpet for good reasons. She was fully inspected by Whistler Auto in June 2018 and again by Grizzly Auto in November 2018 with diagnostic reports and as of April 2019, all minor issues resolved. She runs like a dream and other than replacing the tires, adjusting the alignment and wheel bearings, I never encountered a serious issue whilst owning this vehicle.

The recent work on her is as follows (I have original paperwork for every mechanical visit she's had) :

- New carburetor installed 01/18
- Ignition coil, spark plugs, fuel filter all replaced ( previous owner: 01/18)
- Wiper linkage replaced ( previous owner: 04/18)
- Currently fitted with LT reinforced M + S tires
- New oil filter installed 08/18
- The 4 belts were changed, along with the steering pump and pump belt
- All tire rods were removed and replaced with new hardware 07/18
- Brakes bled and brake fluid reservoir refilled 07/18
- Rear brake line main section removed, and new brake line custom made with fittings installed
- A new button controlled horn was installed so you can honk at all your friends 😉
- Headlamp Dimmer Switch replaced 04/19
- New idler arms removed and replaced 04/19
- Alignment adjusted 04/19
- Wheel bearings removed & replaced 04/19

Things to be aware of:
* The speedometer and odometer haven't worked since I've owned the van. I use the Waze app whilst driving so I can gage my speed.
* There is a propane system for the furnace under bed and fridge, however I haven't used either of these things since I've owned the van. According to the previous owner, it does work.
*side doors are slightly dented but they still open with no issues
* the back door and only opens from the outside

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Tue, 16 Apr 2019 19:59:00 GMT