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This Saturday!

10:00am-12:30 Backyard Greenhouse Basics

2:00-4:30 Food Forest Basics

$75 per course or $130 for both with Avalily Permaculture and the Earthskills Institute from Invermere!
10% off for LFI Members

Thinking about building a greenhouse but don’t know where to start? Or is your current set-up not performing as well as you’d like and could use some improvements? Then this course is for you!

This intensive 2.5-hour program covers the following topics and activities:
- Site Selection
- Design principles, requirements and considerations
- Construction methods and materials
- Annual operations and maintenance (Irrigation, crop planning, winterizing, etc.)
- Virtual tour to explore and critique greenhouse examples


Food Forest Basics

April 13th 2:00pm-4:30pm
RCU Insurance Services
201 Victoria Rd. West, Revelstoke

Want to grow a lot of food in a small area? Want to create a perennial food oasis on your property? Want a resilient food ecosystem that is regenerative for both people and nature?

This course will explore the principles of designing, building and maintaining a perennial food garden, called a food forest, by emulating patterns in natural forest ecosystems. Upon completing this course, participants will have the basic foundation of knowledge to develop a food forest on virtually any scale. The program includes a course outline, in-depth presentation, and a virtual tour of a food forest.


Pre-registration required!
To register, please email

$75 per adult (age 16+) per course, or $130 for both
$35 per youth (under age 16) per course, or $60 for both

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