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Create The Life You Want Life & Yoga Immersion

Are you feeling ready for a change in your life? Feeling frustrated with where you are going with your life, but unsure of what direction to take?

I run a 50hr Life & Yoga Immersion that starts May 4-9, 2019. If you want to connect with me to see if this is something that is a good fit for you message me. Otherwise you can check out the details online at:

A 50 Hour Yoga Immersion designed to guide you into a greater understand of yourself & the ancient practice of yoga.

Are you ready to step into the brilliance of who you are? To unclutter your mind and develop skills that allow you to find grace in your day to day, even when life turns upside down.

In this course you’ll explore aspects of yourself, by stepping into the practice of yourself. Yoga means ‘Union’ :: Union to Mind, Body and Spirit. You will learn skills that will help awaken the known and unknown in yourself and discover ways to implement the ancient teachings into our modern day world.

We will do a lot of self exploration with guidance and examine your current place in the world and where you want to move towards. With that insight we will work together to help devise a plan for your future and your heart.

Group work is fundamental in this course, working with a group and being accountable to a group as you dive deep into your own experiences and ingrained belief’s of who you are. The collective of the groups that come together are ALWAYS incredibly powerful and consistently offers profound experiences.

More details online
May 4-9, 2019

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