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Don't miss out on these great business courses coming up in April at OK College.

All courses run 9:00am - 4:00pm

Leadership Essentials Series – Revelstoke

A five-part series consisting of one-day seminars focused on specific leadership skills required in today’s workplace. With the constant change businesses and organizations face, the common denominator is still the people we work with. This series will enable you to discover your style of leadership and develop new leadership skills. Whether you are new to leadership, or are a seasoned veteran, this series will provide you with personal insights and new strategies to apply in your workplace.


MGR 324 - Engaging Your Workforce – April 2, 2019 CRN: 90213 $151.20

A highly engaged workforce results in less turnover, better customer service, and increased profitability. This course will provide strategies for engaging and motivating employees to foster new ideas and identify solutions in your workplace. Learn about motivation, teamwork and the stages of teamwork, and how to engage employees.

MGR 323 - Leading Workplace Teams – April 9, 2019 CRN: 90214 $151.20

You lead people and you manage issues. This course supports leaders to identify their current challenges and strengths while developing their leadership skills. Learn about the skills and tools effective leaders require, how personal values impact leadership, how to develop realistic visions, how to manage change, and how to promote innovation.

MGR 325 - Communicating Beyond the Basics – April 16, 2019 CRN: 90246 $151.20

Communication is a key component in successful workplaces. Learn how to build respectful and productive communication with staff and customers. You will learn how you communicate, what challenges you face in communicating effectively, how to improve your listening skills, and develop a methodology to plan for any shifts you would like to make.

MGR 326 - Managing Conflict – April 23, 2019 CRN: 90247 $151.20

Conflict arises in all workplaces and those in a leadership role must know how to manage conflict. How we respond and deal with the conflict will define the result. This course will allow you to see the connections between responses and actions and then identify shifts you can make to build better relationships. Strategies for dealing with difficult people, having difficult conversations, and providing meaningful feedback will be provided.

MGR 327 - Goal Setting & Time Management – April 30, 2019 CRN: 90308 $151.20

As with any professional development, our results are based on how we apply our learning. This course provides you with a methodology to tie all of your objectives and aspirations into a planned approach matching your resources and timelines with your goals. Learning how to use your time effectively will keep you feeling motivated and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. The planning and goal setting strategies provided in this course will ensure the time you invest results in solid and measurable results.

To register online, please go to: or contact our office at 250-837-4235 ext. 6500

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