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Hi revy,
Hoping someone out there may have a place to rent/house sit for a month or two any time in the near future , the wife has her best friend wanting to come over for a visit with her 1yr old son and partner from Germany, respectable peeps that aren’t even ski/sled bums... would have them at our place but accommodations here maxed with an addition of our newest child... professional trustworthy outstanding new parents that’d be a great addition to any rental suite or paying house sitting scenario while you whisk yer selves of to Hawaii. More than willing to pay fair and above value for a simple couple and child. Happy wife happy life
These would be the best tenants/house sitters you could ask for!
Thanks for reading!
Local references available for this couple
Eric and Connie Marsden

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Mon, 07 Jan 2019 04:42:40 GMT